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    backlash, feminism and you

    Top Gear, Political Correctness and You

    Much is being made of the bullying behaviour of Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter on the BBC’s wildly successful Top Gear. Pundits are applauding the Beeb for firing him. Canada’s Jian Ghomeshi scandal, soon to be reprised in court, is similar to Clarkson’s in that the emerging template is of an abusive and mercurial star, one surrounded […]

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    What Monica Lewinsky tells us about shame

    What Monica Lewinsky tells us about shame

    What Monica Lewinsky tells us about shame: Monica Lewinsky’s TED talk about shame is deeply moving. She discusses some obvious abuses, but there are other, more subtle ways of using shame to make individuals turn against themselves. Identity politics, long the darling of the political left, is generally associated with a helping, open-minded attitude. But when […]

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    suffragettes, canada, vote, feminism, gabrielle mcmullin, surgeons, sex, sex abuse

    Sex, Students and Suffragettes

    “Other tactics employed by suffragettes included chaining themselves to railings to provoke an arrest, pouring harsh chemicals into mailboxes, breaking windows at prestige buildings, and night-time arson at unoccupied buildings. Many were imprisoned in Holloway Prison in London, and were force-fed after going on hunger strike.” We owe a lot to early 20th century suffragettes. However, we no […]

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    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Do Bill Cosby

    Jian Ghomeshi Gets Spanked

    If you’re Canadian, you’ll have heard about the firing of CBC radio host, Jian Ghomeshi. He is accused of sexual violence with women he has dated. What’s complicating matters is his involvement in the BDSM world, a world where consensual violence is the norm. This is an explosive situation happening in a media context that […]

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    Euthanasia: Anorexia of the Soul

    Euthanasia: Anorexia of the Soul

    At the end of their article, ‘Female Body Shape in Print Advertisements,” Michael Fay and Christopher Price conclude: By demonstrating the extreme thinness of contemporary advertising models, and by presenting these findings within a framework of the increasing incidence of anorexia, we hope that socially responsible advertising decision makers will ask themselves: “Do the female […]

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