The Spectacles of #MeToo

Back in the 80s, I was in a Women’s Studies class when I had a revelation. The professor announced that a well-known feminist had uttered treacherous words, asserting women could “get over” rape. Pandemonium, complete with shrieking and wailing, made its way around the lecture hall like a stadium wave. I remember sitting quietly and … Continue reading The Spectacles of #MeToo

The Curious Case of Steven Galloway

This updated article was originally published in December of 2016. Shortly afterward, I was contacted by a verified and reluctant participant in the scandal. That contact revealed MC's name, which I have removed for reasons I am not at liberty to state here.  On a frigid night a few years ago, a friend dragged me to … Continue reading The Curious Case of Steven Galloway

Does the Academy Devalue Children?

Years ago, in a four-plex owned by my mother, I heard a baby's cries coming from a ground-floor unit. I was doing maintenance nearby, patching walls and taping baseboards in preparation for painting. When the cries became worrisome, I knocked on the door, twice. No answer, but the cries worsened. I got out my keys … Continue reading Does the Academy Devalue Children?