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  1. Dear Irene Ogrizek: Thank you, very interesting, but please correct:

    I did not write the UBC Accountable letter. (Neither did Joseph Boyden.) I merely signed it, like 80+ other people, and got credited
    with having written it simply because my name was on it.
    (Of course I then got curious when people started attacking me..)
    I maintain an open mind about who did what to whom until we can see the Boyd report, follow her line of reasoning and evidence, and make up our own minds.
    I would like UBC to have an independent inquiry into its bizarre process in this case.
    All best, Margaret Atwood

  2. Hi Irene,
    Just introduced myself via Twitter surfing ( following the Lindsay Shepard affair ) and came across your site and opinion pieces.
    Very impressive writing and thought. As a former secondary school teacher, I witnessed much of your observations and SJW ideology being introduced unabetted to the teen population. IMO…a feeding ground for today‚Äôs campus. All the best.

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