Rob Ford vs. Kevin Donovan: Who Snitched?

Dear readers: I expected some negative fallout from this post and of course I’m getting it. I’d like to make one thing clear: when it comes to rehab, addicts and alcoholics are free to talk about their own recovery. What I object to is the tattling nature of what the Toronto Star has done by speaking to others in Ford’s rehab facility. Every patient needs privacy, not just the mayor, and this sort of reporting puts everyone at risk. 

Kevin Donovan, an investigative journalist with the Toronto Star, has angered many of us who monitor healthcare in Canada. At issue is the privacy of Rob Ford’s stay at GreeneStone, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility based in the Muskokas. Here’s how Donovan’s article begins:

Kevin Donovan, master sleuth?
Kevin Donovan, master sleuth or bumbling naif?

Mayor Rob Ford pushed and scuffled with fellow rehab residents and was so verbally abusive that he was kicked out of his group therapy program, according to people who have knowledge of his two month stay at GreeneStone. These accounts of what one person referred to as “destructive behaviour” stands in stark contrast to Ford’s recent public statements that he…takes his recovery seriously. “Ford broke things, got into fights with other residents…[he] stopped people from sharing their stories, which is key to a successful rehab experience,” said another source. “Other residents felt intimidated. They felt he was a bully. He was always saying he did not belong there.”

Donovan goes on to describe his sources:

For this story, the Star has obtained accounts of Ford’s time in rehab from three people with knowledge of his time there, including a fellow patient, and from others, including a staffer, who provided accounts through an intermediary. Due to concerns over publicly breaching the confidentiality of the treatment facility, the sources asked that their names not be published.

Mayor Ford has been an ongoing target of a Toronto media unhappy with his conservative politics. However, as the entire English-speaking world now knows, Torontonians have other reasons for concern: his downward spiral into drug and alcohol abuse is well-documented thanks to his carelessness, the ubiquity of smartphones and a media willing to pay for scandalous videos. That Ford has been his own worst enemy is not in dispute. Neither is the fact that the Toronto Star, as evidenced above, has pushed past acceptable boundaries and violated his and his family’s privacy.

My mother was turned down at a local eldercare clinic because of a privacy violation we experienced.
My disabled and stroke-afflicted mother was dropped by a local eldercare clinic because of a privacy violation made by an Ontario surgeon. These incidents are far more common than most Canadians realize.

When it comes to health records, violations like it can be deadly. In my family’s case, my stroke-afflicted mother was put at risk by the words of the surgeon who had amputated her leg. In her discharge summary — the document that summarizes a patient’s stay in hospital — I, like Ford, was described as abusive. This was in reference to words I exchanged with the surgeon when I discovered he’d falsified a report. Of course that context was not described in the summary, so when subsequent doctors read about our disagreement, my mother was turned away from their offices with vague excuses. Our difficulties became particularly acute when a dedicated eldercare clinic, which provides transport for the disabled, precipitously dropped my mother as a patient. When our rattled social worker tried to investigate, she was stonewalled. Abuse, it turns out, is in the eye of the beholder.

To read more about my family’s experience, click here.

Rob Ford may very well have behaved badly at GreeneStone. The missing piece of the puzzle, however, is the context. Having volunteered at a rehab, I know patients are often volatile and staff are trained to deal with them accordingly. It’s quite likely that Ford wasn’t alone in behaving badly, if indeed he behaved badly at all. Taking the word of other patients is a risky affair and Donovan’s doing so is a sign of his naivete when it comes to the world of addiction and recovery.

Moreover, he implies that one GreeneStone owner, Shawn Leon, has a questionable background. Although Leon says he does not have a history of addiction, many rehab workers are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, some of whom do have criminal pasts. However, when we consider that the majority of prison inmates in Canada are there for crimes committed because of drugs or alcohol, these troubled pasts make sense. Some of the most dedicated counsellors I’ve met through my volunteer work have spent time in jail. Take away the substances and what you’re left with, most of the time, are damaged but eminently decent human beings who have learned hard lessons. Donovan’s colouration of facts is misleading and nothing he reports counts as news for those of us familiar with addiction.

So I wrote to GreeneStone to ask them who spoke to the media. Here is our correspondence:

I’m wondering if the person who shared private information about
Mayor Rob Ford is going to remain on your payroll? The Toronto Star’s coverage, by
Kevin Donovan, is very troubling. I’d like to know if anything will be done
about the people who broke his anonymity.

Their response:

Thank you for your email. GreeneStone takes patient care and
confidentiality very seriously. As an organization we take great strides to
protect patient confidentiality and have never spoken to the media about any
of our patients.

I believe the staff at GreeneStone when they say they take confidentiality seriously. They wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t. So who snitched? And why do Donovan and the Toronto Star believe that other patients are more reliable than Ford? Isn’t it possible that the patient Donovan spoke to simply dislikes Ford and is seizing the opportunity to do something about it? And what about the future? This breach of privacy makes the possibility of any subsequent rehabs, which the mayor may need, exceedingly difficult: what institution will go up against the Toronto Star and their willingness to pay and plant informants? How many high risk patients, who fear exposure, will leave and not get the help they need?

Donovan’s errors in judgement are a genuine tragedy for the Fords and their children. When it comes to rehab, it’s a time honoured tradition that the famous are granted space and time to deal with their addictions. Denying them their privacy  — which the Toronto Star has done here — sets dangerous precedents for us all.


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15 thoughts on “Rob Ford vs. Kevin Donovan: Who Snitched?

  1. The Toronto Star sent someone in to the rehab to spy on Ford. Even the staff there knew the guy was a phoney. He went in to screw up the mayor’s chance at getting better. H eve put a frog in Ford’s bed! The Toronto Star is run by creeps. Always has been, always will be.

  2. It is completely believable that The Star would do this. It is a very open secret that we (City Hall Security) are offered cash for info from Daniel Dale on the activities of Mayor Ford. This has gone on for at least 2 years. The Star offers money for info on when he comes and goes so that they can file their camera Freedom of Information requests. There are others that attempt this, but The Star is the most obvious. Dale does have at least one and maybe two on our staff that take the bait.

  3. The media does not report on healthcare issues very thoroughly, although the Star had no problem violating Ford’s privacy in rehab, which is ironic. I follow media outlets in the U.K., U.S. and Australia and there are way, way more stories of medical malfeasance turning up in newspapers and web sites in those countries. I don’t like how shuttered our media is in Canada over healthcare issues. It’s why I started this site.

  4. This is exactly the type of stuff that Ford Nation feeds on, so a star reporter put a frog in Fords bed!! And you believe it enough to put a photo up….OMG

  5. Everyone deserves a chance at recovery, no matter how despised they are. It’s the undermining quality of the gesture. And besides, that’s one cute frog!

  6. Unfortunately the other candidates for the Mayor’s position are not getting any coverage, because they are constantly chasing after Ford. This of course is well stage managed to keep him out there. I can see, even with a “sobriety” coach, that he will fall off the wagon very soon.
    Oh, and I think there was more in his bed than a frog.

  7. I don’t believe this for second – Ford and Ford Nation have lost ALL credibility and any chance for their words to be taken at face value long ago – but even if is true, if Ford would simply be accountable for his activities and time (which he should be, as an elected official), this wouldn’t be an issue.

    This is nothing more than a lame attempt at trying to shift focus to someone/something other than Ford.

  8. I would suggest that R Ford relinquished “confidentiality” at Greenestone with his repeated phone calls and updates to Joe Warmington of the Sun even after the staff of said facility told him to stop…

  9. Doesn’t change the fact that he himself broke “confidentiality”….
    Oh, and given his track record his “truthiness” would be somewhat suspect on the face of it…yes, it was a rock and a hard place choice nevertheless the situation was of his own making…

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