Show Me the Money: Amanda Palmer and Dale Chihuly

Amanda Palmer, a singer-songwriter, and Dale Chihuly, a master glassblower, are two successful artists who have been the targets of criticism: Palmer for not wanting to pay back-up musicians and Chihuly for over-producing his work. In this article I discuss the controversies dogging them. (Length: 1777 words) On August 21st, 2012, Amanda Palmer made a … Continue reading Show Me the Money: Amanda Palmer and Dale Chihuly

Lac-Mégantic: CEOs Behaving Badly

The Lac-Mégantic derailment is, so far, the worst rail accident in Canadian history. An unmanned train carrying tankers of crude oil jumped the tracks and exploded in the center of this small town, triggering a blaze survivors describe as "apocalyptic." I was fortunate enough to have a CN conductor share his thoughts with me about … Continue reading Lac-Mégantic: CEOs Behaving Badly

Why we all need Edward Snowden

Why we all need Edward Snowden: In this post, I describe how my family's information was used inappropriately by healthcare professionals in Canada. I look at this in the context of Edward Snowden's revelations and other intrusive data mining. This is a longread at 2,500 words. In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, … Continue reading Why we all need Edward Snowden